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Aims & Statements

Mission Statement

Learning, growing and succeeding together.

Vision Statement

In partnership with our families and the wider community we are committed to ensuring that all members of our school feel safe, included and valued. With a strong school ethos focused on the promotion of positive values, high academic expectations and robust provision for social and emotional aspects of learning we aim to foster and nurture personal resilience to enable all members of our school to thrive and achieve.

Through the provision of an enriched and relevant curriculum we aim to inspire and motivate all members of our school to learn, grow and succeed as reflective, resilient, curious confident and resourceful members of society.

To achieve this aim, the school will...

...bring the best out of our children by:

  • involving them in their own learning

  • helping them know what they can do and what they need to learn next

  • using different styles of teaching to ensure learning is always interesting, engaging and fun

  • providing our children with a safe and fun environment to learn about nature and the world around them

  • listening to the children and responding flexibly so those different abilities can all work at  an appropriate pace and to their potential

  • encouraging the children to ask questions

  • helping the children to understand and adopt a healthy physically active and environmentally friendly lifestyle


...ensure our children have a fulfilling time at Whitnash Primary by:


  • making sure they are happy and safe

  • nurturing their self esteem and confidence

  • teaching them the importance of respecting and valuing other people and their environment including good behaviour and politeness

  • seizing opportunities beyond the national curriculum to enhance our children's development

  • enhancing pupils' knowledge of the environment and thereby fostering an awareness of the need to conserve and care for its resources

..prepare our children as fully as possible for the next stage of their lives so that, when they leave us they:

  • have reached their academic and all-round potential

  • are eager to keep on learning

  • are inquisitive about their world

  • are confident in their relations with other people

  • are willing and able to make a positive contribution

  • have a strong sense of responsibility

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