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School Meals

At County Caterers everything we do is focused on delivering a great meal experience every day.  If you have a child in Reception or KS1 and they haven’t tried one of our nutritious and delicious lunches please consider letting them try one soon, don’t forget they are completely free of charge. 

If you have a child moving up to, or already in KS2 and they would like to try a lunch, we offer great  value for money at £2.35 for a 2 course meal with extra bread and a choice of drinks. If you think your child might be entitled to a Free School Meal call 01926 359189 or go to the link on our website.


We are experts at feeding Primary aged children, serving over 100,000 meals per week, so we know some children don’t like their peas touching their potatoes and won’t eat anything with gravy, we adapt meals to meet our customer’s needs and whilst we may employ a little gentle persuasion to encourage children to try new foods, we never ask anyone to eat anything they don’t like. If you have a particular dietary request or question relating to the service please speak to a member of the kitchen team in the first instance.

Our menus have been awarded the Soil Association’s Food for Life Silver Catering Mark, a guarantee that fresh, seasonal food is always on our menu.

For more general information and to see our menus visit:

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