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School Council



At Whitnash Primary School we believe it is really important that we consult with our pupils and consider their opinions, ideas and thoughts, to help us to evaluate what the children like about our school and what we can do to make it even better for them.

Pupil councils provide a basis for active learning of important life skills, such as speaking and listening skills, teamwork, emotional literacy, problem-solving, moral reasoning skills, self- esteem and self confidence.

Pupil council experiences provide a dynamic foundation for learning about citizenship. Young people and children acquire skills which help them to become resilient to negative experience.

School and class councils enable pupils to have a voice and to understand that their opinions count.

"School councils can be a most excellent training ground in a responsibility for future citizens."

Professor Crick, 1998 Chair of the Advisory Group on Citizenship

School Council 2018 Promise

As the School Council we promise to:

  • make our school better every day by thinking of new improvements

  • make our school a welcoming place to be

  • support schildren in need of encouragement and positive role-modles

  • hlep keep our school salfe.

  • help create  a happy school for everyone.

Our School Council are pupil that have been democratically elected from their classes to represent the view and opinions of the children in their class. They are trying to make progress at Whitnash Primary School and are briefly trying to make sure that all the pupils in the school have a voice an are engaged in the decision making progress.

We are working on improving attendance awards and consequences. We are also in he process of working on anti-bullying and at present the School Council are working on keeping safe.

School Council: Pupil Safety Checklist
  • Sit correctly on your chair
  • Don’t bring personal items into school
  • Use school property safely (don’t damage)
  • Don’t run in the corridors
  • Only ride bike/scooter outside of school grounds
  • Keep your school password/e-mail to yourself
  • Be careful on the internet
  • Don’t put unnecessary stuff on the internet because that could be spread across the web
School COuncil 2018-19 have reported the following things are good about the school:
  • Science Lessons
  • Improved pupil behaviour
  • Endurance and challenge in PE lessons through Fit4Schools.
  • Appearance and presentation fo the school.
  • Presentation of children's work.
  • Clubs-Lots of choice and variety.
  • Choosing challenges makes learning more fun and motivating.
  • Our school is safe.
  • Our school is tidy and organised.
School Council 2018-19 would like to improve the following:
  • Tidier teacher desks
  • Mirrors in the boys toilets
  • New play areas and play equipment at lunchtimes.
  • New all bars for PE.
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