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Read Write Inc

Whitnash Primary School is committed to raising the standards of all pupil’s reading.  The school recognises the importance of ensuring that every child embeds an early understanding of phonics.  This supports the early development of reading skills, enjoyment for reading and confidence.  The school, therefore, uses a structured and systematic approach for teaching phonics, early writing and reading skills.  The school uses a programme called Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. It is used by more than a quarter of the UK's primary schools and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Each Read Write Inc. programme meets the higher expectations of the National Curriculum and uses effective assessment to accelerate every child's progress and prepare them for the end of Key Stage National Curriculum Tests and Year 1 Phonics Screening Assessment.

The implementation of Read Write Inc has led to a significant and rapid improvement in the school’s National Phonic Screening results.  The results improved by 23% in 2015/16.

Read Write Inc
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Fast Track Read, Write Inc 1:1 Tutoring

Whitnash Primary School is keen to accelerate children's progress in reading, using two core strategies:

  • Ensuring the teaching of phonics is the best it can be. This of course is the most efficient way to speed up progress for the majority of children. We know that when Reading and Phonic lessons are of the highest standard, the number of pupils who require additional support reduces. This is why our school is ensuring high-quality Read, Write Inc provision for all children from Reception to the End of Year 2. This is a daily part of our structured timetable and is proving to make a huge difference to the confidence of all children with their reading.

  • Providing targeted support. Even with the best teaching, a proportion of children need additional help and support. This is particularly the case if they have missed time off school, need support to concentrate in a group, or have identified learning needs. Fast Track Read, Write Inc 1:1 Tutoring is used at Whitnash to provide this targeted support where needed. It is aimed at children who are making the least progress, or for children with an identified Special Educational Need, with the wider Read, Write Inc programme. It provides an opportunity for extra daily practice in reading sounds and words for children 1:1 or in a very small group.

We know that children make rapid progress when they have individual support from an enthusiastic and well-trained adult. That is why all of our school's Teaching Assistants are fully trained in the delivery of Fast Track Read, Write Inc 1:1.

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