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Ofsted Report

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This is a GOOD School

  • Achievement has consistently risen since 2011 and by the time pupils leave Year 6 they are above the national average.

  • Good and improving teaching allows all groups of pupils, including those with disabilities or who have special educational needs, to make good progress in English and Mathematics and achieve well.

  • Teachers provide interesting and engaging lessons which are motivating and encouraging pupils to learn.  This has been a key feature in improving attainment in both English and Mathematics to an above average level.

  • Pupils feel safe in school and know how to stay healthy and safe.  Behaviour is good and pupils say that if any issues arise they are dealt with effectively.

  • The school fosters pupils’ personal and social skills successfully and engenders high levels of self-confidence and their positive attitudes to learning.  This is especially so in the nurture provision the school provides.

  • The school promotes pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.

  • The senior leadership team have a strong focus on improving teaching and high expectations for raising pupils’ achievement are shared by all staff and governors.

  • Good leadership, management and governance make sure the school is constantly improving.

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