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Home/School Agreement

The aim of our school is to include everyone, staff, pupils, parents, governors and the wider community in providing a caring, stimulating environment which enables everyone to feel valued and achieve their full potential.

This goal will only be achieved if
~   there is a shared commitment by pupils and the school

~   a high quality education is provided as the right of every child

~   effective learning is achieved by positive discipline

Pupil and Parent Expectations of the School

The School will provide:

  • A safe, well ordered, caring environment where learning can take place.

  • A place were each pupil is valued as an individual.

  • A range of opportunities and challenges to enable pupils to achieve their full  potential.

  • Regular information about progress and performance.

  • Opportunities to express views on wider school issues.

  • Work of a suitable standard for each child to that they can engage with the work and be challenged by it.

  • Opportunities for parents to discuss their child's progress, conduct and achievements and to provide an annual written report.

The School's Expectations of Pupils and Parents

  • Regular and punctual attendance.

  • Notify school on the first day of absence.

  • Holidays in term time to be authorised by school.

  • Encourage effort and achievement.

  • Encourage completion of homework and return it to school.

  • Support the school Code of Conduct and guidance necessary to ensure smooth running of the school.

  • Participate in discussions concerning progress and attainment.

  • Ensure correct school uniform is worn.

Code of Classroom Behaviour

  • Listen carefully to all instructions given by the teacher.

  • Ask for further help if you do not understand.

  • Raise your hand before speaking.

  • Participate fully in all lessons.

  • Treat others, their work and equipment with respect.

  • Talk to others without shouting, using language which is neither abusive nor offensive.

  • Hand in homework properly completed and on time.

  • Wear correct uniform.

Out of Class Conduct

  • Pupils should always act in ways, which bring credit to the school.

  • Pupils should behave in an appropriate manner at lunch times.

  • Pupils should not bring valuable items in to school as school cannot be responsible to their safety.

  • Pupils should remain litter free.

Click here for a copy of the Home/School Agreement

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