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History of Whitnash

Whitnash is a very ancient settlement. Its earliest origins can be traced back to pre-Roman occupation. Whitnash has several possible origins as a place name. It could variously mean "at the white ash", "place by the wood", "sacred ash", or even "meeting place of the wise".

A school for the poor of Whitnash

Built in 1861, it was partially endowed by Henry Eyres Landor Esquire.


  • The free school was built for the poor Inhabitants of Whitnash, and the purpose was to teach the children to work in agriculture or other forms of labour. 

  • It catered for children between the ages of 5 to 14 years, and their studies were five days a week 9am until 4pm with a break at midday for one hour.

The Plough & Harrow
St Margaret's Church
Sports Day At Whitnash 1958
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