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Food For Life Award

Whitnash Primary were awarded the Bronze Food for Life Award in January 2019 from the Soil Association.

This award celebrates the school's efforts and fantastic work to provide healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education that has a positive impact on both pupils and the wider community.

The school continues to offer parent/child workshops with Change Makers and Family Cooking Club with Bayleaf Cookery School and a block of lessons. We also provide structured cookery lessons linked to curriculum topics to each year group throughout the year. These cookery lessons are provided by Bayleaf Cookery School as an enrichment opportunity, however teachers also plan Nutrition and Cookery sessions with further links to their topics throughout the year wherever possible. 

The school has begun a new initiative in 2019-20 to raise children's understanding and awareness of the importance of environmental issues relating to food production. The children of Whitnash have made a pledge, through the links with the school Eco-Council to reduce their food waste each day. The school promotes the importance of reducing waste and teaches children about the environmental significance and health benefits of eating their school meals. Each day the school weighs the food waste and sets regular targets to reduce this further. 

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Wednesday 14th November 2018

Roast DInner Day

Reception and Year 1 Parents/Carers/Grandparents joined their children to celebrate 'Roast Dinner Day'.

A roast dinner is always a wonderful way for the whole family to share time together.

Lunch menues are on a three week cycle.  To see the current cycle, please go to:

A menu is also printed on the back page of the newsletter each week.

Kiwi and apple zinger.jpg

Kiwi and Apple Zinger


FFL Oaty Fruit Crumble.JPG

Oaty Fruit Crumble

American breakfast pancakes.jpg

American Breakfast Pancakes

Citrus strawberry smoothie.jpg

Citrus Strawberry Smoothie

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Berried Treasure

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