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Year 2 ~ 2021/22

Pine Class
Teacher:  Mrs Norris
Cedar Class
Teacher:  Mrs Roger


Pine & Cedar demonstrate

Pine Art.PNG


In their classes, Pine and Cedar were demonstrating one of the school learning behaviours - COLLABORATION.  They worked together to create a class picture.  They had to discuss and make decisions with the other members of the class to create a unique piece of art and we are thrilled with the results.  


The children told us that they were very proud to have worked so well as a class and produced such a lovey piece of art - it has the WOW factor!

Cedar Art.PNG

Pine & Cedar visit
Coventry Transport Museum

Year 2 have been thinking about all the emotions and feelings we experience. We created this beautiful artwork to show that we are all effected by emotions and that we are learning ways to cope when we feel dysregulated.

Y2 Emotions 2.JPG
Y2 Emotions 1.JPG
Y2 Emotions 3.JPG
Y2 Emotions.JPG

Emotions & Feelings

Clean Up Your Litter!

Year 2 created posters to encourage people to clean up their litter and dispose of it in the correct way.

We learned all about how rubbish effects the lives of animals and how it can be very harmful to them.