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Science Clipart.jpg

Science Week 2021


Name of Book:

The Good Germ Hotel by Kim Sung-hwa and Kwon-Su-jin

Age Group:

Key Stage Two

What is it about?

It is about good germs and what they do and about where they stay in the ‘germ hotel’ your body.

What did you like about this book? 

The way it was set our an there is a glossary at the back to help people understand some bacteria.

Who would you recommend this book to? 

People who like to read about germs that live in their bodies. 


By Rishi – Year Six

Wow! The space junk competition entries have blown the judges into orbit! 

We had over 30 amazing entries from across the school and the judges spent the day listening to all your amazing ideas about how to clean up space!

Well done to everyone who entered. There were so many creative ideas! - Everyone who entered will get a certificate.

Space Junk Winners.JPG

Science Fair Winners 2022

On the 18th May the winners of this year's Science Fair went to Campion School for an afternoon of exciting science.


They began with pond dipping where they explored the nature area; having a closer look at what lived in the pond.  They found water boatmen, lots of tadpoles and even a newt! They loved looking closely at what they found. Next, they went to the new Science Labs and had a chance to test the pH of liquids. They used their observation skills to find out if they were acids or alkalis. Then finally they watched and exciting experiment that made them all jump out of their seats!


      What a wonderful time they had! 


Marble Keepy Uppy Competition Winners

What a lot of wonderful entries we had to our marble run competition! We had so many entries from children in across the school and they were all simply wonderful!!  Every single one has wowed and amazed the judging team and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

We could see you all put a significant amount of time and effort into testing, changing and improving your designs so that they were successful. Well done to all of you. 


The final winners, all with marbles that kept rolling for over 30 seconds, and with a range of creative decorations and clever use of materials are:  

Thomas Year 2 

Delia Year 2

Grace Year 1

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