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Maths clipart.jpeg
Maths clipart.jpeg

Click here for a list of useful websites for you and your children.


In each day of November, White Rose Maths released 5 new problems to solve using bar models. It is used to encourage everyone to use the bar model.

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Tiresome times tables getting you grumpy? Having a melt down over multiplication? Well buckle up, because Times Tables Rock Stars is here for all your numerical needs! Just log in with your unique username and password and you can be rocking out in no time! Practising your times tables has never been more fun!


Not too sure what all the games are? Ask an adult to read this information to you.


Is an adult asking you what all the fun is about?  Tell them everything they need to know is in this handy guide.


Forgotten your login details? Just ask your teacher!

Our Maths Clubs are having a re-vamp! With an ever-growing need to have all 12 times tables at our fingertips, Whitnash’s Clubs are going to have a multiplication focus. Each week, the challenge will look the same, but the numbers will change order to make sure you are super quick on all your times tables. But don’t worry if you really struggle with your times tables, you can start with just the 2s and 5s and 10s and there are 2 number bond challenges you can complete first if you need. We will be starting afresh, so you might get a certificate for your new club in your very first week! Good Luck!

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Number Day - 3rd February 2023

It was a huge success! All the children enjoyed fun mathematics challenges based on number and worked hard on their Times Tables Rock Stars tournament! We would like to thank parents in their support of the NSPCC and for helping to create some fantastic Number Day costumes! 

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