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School Counselling


Whitnash Primary School uses Snowford Grange to provide counselling to some of our children. 

Snowford Grange has over ten years experience providing effective, integrated school counselling services to over 50 primary and secondary schools in the Midlands area. Their school counselling services can address the various needs of the school community: pupils, members of staff and parents. 

How it works

A dedicated counsellor works at a school for at least one day each week, this is determined by the school’s requirements each academic year. This integration allows our  school to use the service flexibly, according to changing needs and priorities of our children. 

Our counsellor works to establish strong relationships that enable good communication and effective collaboration with all parties: counsellor, pupils, parents, and school staff, as appropriate. The counsellor also liaises with outside agencies when necessary, including Children’s Services and CAMHS. 

Our current school counsellor is Mrs Fiona Adams. 

The Benefits of a school-based Counselling Service

There are many benefits to a school based counselling service. As well as primarily supporting children with their emotional well-being, integrating the expertise of a trained counsellor into our school’s support network extends the provision we can offer to our school's community. Our on-site counsellor, Fiona also supports the Senior Leadership Team, teachers and other members of staff support relationships with parents, and serve as valuable advocates for children. 

This bespoke school counselling service provides holistic, flexible and tailored support to Whitnash Primary. Our school is fully committed to ensuring that this provision is sustainable and prioritise annually in our school budget, as we recognise the importance of children social, emotional and mental health. 

What our children say about the counselling they have received?

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