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A wonderful piece of art

by Year 2 pupil

Juniper have been looking at 'Light and Shade'..



The iconic red telephone box on the green by St Margarets Church has recently been restored to its former glory. Now a telephone is no longer required, the Town Council felt it should be put to another good use. So the idea of having it as a mini exhibition space was chosen and Whitnash Primary School are very proud to be the first to exhibit their work in this unusual venue. 


Anyone walking past will have noticed there is definitely something fishy going on this summer. Inspired by the series Blue Planet II, the pupils decided to turn the phone box into an aquarium and fill it with a variety of sea creatures, whilst also highlighting the huge problem of plastic pollution.

telephone 4.jpeg
telephone 3.jpeg
telephone 1.jpeg
telephone 2.jpeg
telephone 5.jpeg
telephone 6.jpeg
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