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Children start school in the September after their 4th birthday. Admission to the Reception classes is organised through the LA Central Admission Service and administered by them within their agreed criteria. This is shared with parents through a booklet supplied by the LA, which explains the admissions criteria and process. It includes a form that the parents complete and return to the LA.  Contact details 01926 414143 email

Admission to our school can take place throughout the year depending on the availability of places.  The standard number of children per year is 30 and no infant class can be larger than 30 children. Whatever time of year children are admitted to our school we acknowledge the need to work very closely with the family so that all feel supported. 

Induction for New Reception children

An evening for new parents is held in the Summer Term.  The children are also invited to visit the school and spend some time with the Reception staff.  They will listen to a story and choose from a range of practical activities whilst getting to know people and places within the school.  It will also be an opportunity for parents to meet and find out about various aspects of school life, as well as providing an opportunity for general questions.

Click here to get more information from Warwick County Council

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